Ank Rouge Autumn Collection pre-orders have begun~

New cosmetics print onepiece and skirt coming soon~


Ok, so some outfit spam from my trip to Tokyo!

A lot of pastel colours, as you see. Most of the time I didn’t know I would’ve supposed to define the styles I wore - sweet gyaru, pastel gyaru, gyaru with otome vibes? No clue. I wore hime-gyaru styled clothes a few times during the trip, but the massive hair and make-up followed me everywhere :D. The things I bought from Amavel can be defined like something between lolita, otome and sweet gyaru and I really fell in love with the pretty designs and good quality. Lavender was my fav colour during the trip - I finally found a pair of lavender pumps from W<3C and a matching cardigan from Amavel. Many days I settled for a comfortable style - those brown lace boots I wore for some of the pics were my comfy shoes for the trip ^__^. Walking around a lot everyday kind of took its toll on my feet :’3.

charisse said: Hiii! I really love the Pink plastic heart bags that say "I don't dress up for anyone but me" :) Is there any way we can buy them from the USA?

You’ll need to use a Japan-based shopping service.

Anonymous said: What kids of clothes from forever 21 do you think would be close to ank rouge type if style?

Obviously you’re not going to find Ank Rouge’s original prints at Forever21, but to reiterate some current trends that Ank is following this season: gingham, cherries, marine (including mermaids/seashells), pastels (especially blues, lavenders, yellows), pure white, midi skirts, A-line skirts, crop tops, see-through materials.

Because Forever21 is owned by a Korean family, they tend to follow Asian trends sooner than other fast fashion chains, so you should be able to find a lot of those trends in store and online.